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Reviews from students that have graduated from Montana Academy of Salons (also referred to as The Salon Professional Academy,TSPA, prior to December 2013).

Katy Wilson

“I enjoy coming to this school and learning all the skills I did from the educators. Really made me feel at home when I felt like I didn’t really know what I was doing in this career. I know I can go out into the world with a better understanding and know I’ll always have people behind me that I can count on when I need help. Thanks!”

-Katy Wilson

Taylor Starkey

“This school was amazing it has made me proud of myself, I have never felt so accomplished. I believe this school has the best leaders that make it so easy to learn and have a fun positive attitude.”

-Taylor Starkey

Rose Le Veque

“There are so many positives about going to this school I feel as if I received the greatest of education that I could have had at a beauty school. I feel as if I am leaving extremely prepared and well knowledgeable about my new career. Thank you.”

-Rose Le Veque

Trisha Heck

“I really enjoyed my time at TSPA. After visiting other schools I have a new appreciation for how nice this school is. Your educators are fabulous. They really enjoy what they do; that is evident in how they teach. I’m so excited to start my career as a Cosmo. I love what I am doing. Thank you for providing an excellent learning environment. Also thanks Mike for all the financial aid help it was way over my head. Thank You!”

-Trisha Heck

Kayla Nelson

“I have enjoyed spending the last 14 months @ TSPA. Knowledge is a powerful thing and TSPA has made me a strong young woman. Thank you.”

-Kayla Nelson

Steven Larsen

“I have learned a lot at TSPA. The education is outstanding and very precise. The educators / faculty have been huge supporters and very positive about achieving goals. I am very grateful and thankful I came here. Thank you for everything.”

-Steven Larson

Amanda Ray

“I loved everything about TSPA received really good education and more the educators were a lot of help, and were there whenever we needed them. I learned you can never know too much. Symposium was awesome; I was so excited to try all the new techniques in school. You really become close to everyone here. I’m going to miss it. Thanks for everything!”

-Amanda Ray

Taylor Sorheim

“Something I learned that will forever stick with me is how to build a family and friendships. The educators and staff try their hardest to make this place welcoming and comfortable. The education is like none other in the state & the products are the best. I’m truly blessed to have gone to such an amazing school”

-Taylor Sorheim

Lacey Weiler

“During my time at TSPA I learned just about everything possible. I could tell that everything we learned was top of the line and trendy. This school is full of positive attitudes and the educators are extremely helpful. From the moment I stepped into this school I knew I made the best decision to enrolling at TSPA.”

-Lacey Weiler

Kate Young

“I met so many great people here that I will miss so much. I could not have asked for a better learning experience. I feel confident in my education that I will be successful as a cosmetologist. I definitely made lots of memories that will stick with me forever.”

-Kate Young

Britney Paranteau

“I learned a lot at TSPA. It taught me to be the best I can be and how to make lots of money. The educators were great here and taught me to be the best I could be, and prepared me to succeed in the real world.”

-Britney Paranteau

Sarah Stuettgen

“My time here at TSPA was a wonderful experience. I had a lot of fun coming from Wisconsin and meeting all sorts of personalities. I also learned a lot from wonderful things by all the lovely educators. I will always cherish and remember my time here at TSPA!”
-Sarah Stuettgen

Haylie Ehnes

“While I attended TSPA I had the amazing opportunity to enter into the “Artistry of Competition” which was a competition held between all TSPA’s. I was coached and trained by the educators on perfecting my skill which led me to create one of the winning looks for the competition. It was an amazing experience attending the NAHA award ceremony in Vegas for winning along with meeting such amazing talented stylists while I was there. Thank all of you at TSPA for my amazing experience that has taught me so much.”

-Haylie Ehnes

Britney Dean

“Mrs. Johnson helped me through a lot during the 5 ½ moths I was here. She helped me perfect my nail, showed me a different file technique better suited for me. I just loved to come because it was a good time to be around my peers and the other educators to get a break from home life.Another positive thing was having the OPI classes teaching new techniques and a different approach to soak-off and sculptured nails. Thanks again!”

-Brittany Dean

Kelly Cooper

“My overall experience here was very positive I feel that I learned a lot and I built skills to prepare me for a professional career. I am excited to be part of the salon industry.”

-Kelly Cooper

Miranda Hurr

“My time at TSPA was really a once in a lifetime experience. I learned a lot about this wonderful profession. I also learned a lot about myself. I truly believe I came out of my shell and found out a lot about myself. I learned how to build a business and some really cool and fun techniques. There were some days that I didn’t enjoy but over all my experience here was unforgettable. I want to thank you for all your hard work and everything you have taught me.”

-Miranda Hurr

Janea Sand

“Some things I enjoyed most about TSPA was celebration, it was always exciting and something new. Also I enjoyed working with all the educators getting new, different techniques from each. It really broadens your view to more options.”

-Janea Sand

Andy Aafedt

“Well, my time spent at TSPA was quite incredible I must say. I’ve met some of the most amazing people! The teachers here are top of the line. I hadn’t an inkling of knowledge about the industry before I started here and now that I’m done. I get to start working at one of the top salons in town! I really feel like I can make it in the industry. Not only that, I’m a totally different person than when I stated and that’s a good thing. I’ve grown so much. I really appreciate all you guys have done for me. Thank you! I love TSPA.”

-Andy Aafedt

Nicole MicLaughlin

“I learned a lot about team work. The educators were all very helpful and willing to work with me. I made a lot of friends and will take a lot from this school. I also learned that attendance is everything.”

-Nicole McLaughlin

Jamie Emerson

“Dear TSPA,Thank you for all the positive and encouraging ways you taught me. I learned more than I thought I would due to all of the awesome educators!! I will definitely recommend this school to anyone who wants to choose this same career.”

-Jamie Emerson


“Best experience in my college career! Celebration is one of my favorite memories because all of my goals would be rewarded!! Glad I worked my butt off for level 3. Loved our competitions and having Chris Baron visit! I will miss student council with Mike and Linda! Thanks for my education I will miss this place a lot.”

-Jasmine Faulkinberry

Alyshia Townsend

“Going to The Salon Professional Academy has really changed the person I am today. I have found myself and grown up a lot. When I first started, I barely said two words to anybody but now I have opened up. This school has also helped me grow as a person and a salon leader and someday a salon owner.”

-Alyshia Townsend

Se’Anna Bring

The TSPA of Great Falls provides an amazing education of beauty, you guys always try to have every day fun up-beat days, but with all these hormones running through this place it’s kind of hard. Haha Thank you guys for this great education. I love each and every staff member, you guys make the school 100 x better!”

-Se’Anna Bring

Clare Dreyer

“The 2 most valuable parts of my training were outside educators coming to school and sharing knowledge and the adaptability of the in house educators to work with my learning style. The connection to Redken and their abundance of accessible education both online and in person was so valuable to me. Especially being in a seemingly isolated location like Great Falls it was amazing to feel like part of the Redken team. The educators here at school were always helping me to be a better stylist and pushed me to leave a client with a fully formed style instead of just doing the minimum to make a cut or color work.”

-Clare Dreyer

Phil Singer

“There are many positive things I can remember and some not so positive. But the thing I remember most is always coming to school and be able to make someone else day better by making their hair look 10x better.”

-Phil Singer

Morgan O’ Brian

“Mrs. Cummings is the biggest asset to this school. She is fair, always willing to help, honest, has a vast array of experience to pull from, and does what she says she will do. She truly pushes us to be the best that we can be. The school could only benefit from having more educators like her.”

-Morgan O’Brian

Mandy Hillard

“I have had a ton of positive experiences here at TSPA! The whole staff was so uplifting – they really believe in you, they want your success almost as bad as you do! I also loved the day with Phil Lee! Than you!”

-Mandy L. Hilliard

Kelsey Cooper

“I feel I go the best possible education that I could have gotten here at The Salon Professional Academy. You’ve given us an amazing foundation to start our careers. Thank you for all of the education and the fun learning environment. I will miss this place and can’t wait to come back and visit. Thank you again for everything.”

– Kelsey Cooper

Celeste Smith

“My time at TSPA will be valued and cherished as I start my career. I learned all the necessary skills to succeed. I loved all the educators! Their excitement and passion for the industry is very inspiring and empowering!”

-Celeste Smith


“I thought that the teachers of this school really care about their students and really want them to succeed in the real world. They always told us we could accomplish something when we didn’t believe in ourselves and gave us courage to always keeping trying.”


Mackenzie G.

“If I had a chance to go to another beauty school, I still would have chose The Salon Professional Academy. The education is out of this world. I know more than some beauticians who have been doing this for years. I appreciate them bringing in George Garcia, OPI, Pevonia, and Phil Lee. My teachers are very knowledgeable and personable. I love everything about school and I’ll miss it very much.”

-Mackenzie G.

Lily Carroll

“My time at TSPA taught me a lot on how to do well in the real world. The educators really push you to strive for your best and help you get through the ups and downs while here. I feel they really prepared me for life in a real salon and how to be successful.”

-Lily Carroll

Callie Cooper

“I loved going to school here! All the educators were helpful and understanding and made it a fun experience. We were very lucky to have the opportunity to learn from big game hair stylists and I am thankful for having that experience. Thank you Linda and Mike for going the extra mile and giving us that experience.”

-Callie Cooper

Savana Saunders

“During my time at school I have learned to be a stronger person and to believe in myself. I learned that having confidence will take you further than anything else.”

-Savana Saunders


“All of the educators are very upbeat and positive. I’ve learned a lot about myself and have grown into a stronger person.”

-Trisha Mehan

Mary Bouma

“Overall I had a positive experience with my education at TSPA. The knowledge of all the educators gave me a variety of styles and skills that I will use in my career as a stylist. I loved that the school offered outside classes and brought in Redken consultants to make the learning experience even greater.”

-Mary Bouma

Lacey Chambers

“Mike is my favorite. I had a lot of fun and met great people. I learned everything I need to go out into the big shebang. All the educators are amazing. I loved it here but glad to be going! I’m off like a prom dress!”

-Lacey Chambers

Kristen Lorang

“I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at TSPA. Not only was the school itself professional and impressive from an outsider’s view, but it’s culture and quality of education was unbeatable. I really enjoyed the educators and staff, as well as the quality friendships made during the course of my school. I am proud to be a TSPA graduate, and am so excited to use the tools I acquired here to live my passion and dreams.”

-Kristen Lorang

Kelli Anderson

“I feel I had an awesome education here. I learned more than just how to cut hair. I learned how to present myself professionally. I feel very fortunate to have graduated from this school.”

-Kelli R. Anderson

Taylor Yanzick

“I enjoyed my time at The Salon Professional Academy. I felt that we learned above and beyond what we needed to, but could have had more time in men’s cuts and trends. The knowledge of color we learn is going to help me out with my own clientele in getting them what they want from me. Another area I would have loved to have more time in was nails, but I understand that is a side part to hair. Other than that I enjoyed my time greatly here.”

-Taylor Yanzick

Kristine Moore
“My experience with The Salon Professional Academy has been wonderful. Along with feeling confident in my education of esthetics, the educator and staff were supportive and knowledgeable. I feel well prepared to enter my new career.”

-Kristine Moore

Michelle Hersel

“I believe my training here @ The Salon Professional Academy has been wonderful! I have enjoyed my time here. I feel that the level system is a positive way for people to learn about the business and put it into practice everyday. I think that I have received the best education out there and I can say that I continued learning new things up until my final time here. I believe the educators are very well trained and more then willing to share their knowledge. To Mike and Linda – Thank you for making us as students stand out and providing a wonderful school.”

-Michelle Hersel

Lauren Ludtke

“During my time @ the TSPA I feel that I have a good education behind me to succeed. My instructors helped me along the way and taught me the tools I need to succeed. My instructors answered questions that I had and made me feel comfortable while asking them. I learned a lot about business aspects of my career choice, and I know that I can succeed if I put my mind to it. I am happy that I chose this career, and I am excited to get started.”

-Lauren Ludtke

Johanna Schabarker

“I enjoyed the opportunity to have Redken certified educators come to me to help advance my skill. I enjoyed the amount of color applications I was able to do. The business skills such as pre-booking and getting referrals learned have greatly benefited me.Thank you for the privilege of attending your school!”


Maria toccafondo

“The education provided to me by TSPA Great Falls was phenomenal! From the educator to their front, everyone was so upbeat. Questions are answered and creativity is nurtured. I would recommend this school to ANYONE looking for this type of career.”


Mary Southard

“The Salon Professional Academy was one of the best experiences for me. I couldn’t have imagined being in a better school. All the educators were very knowledgeable and creative. I feel very well prepared to start my career in this industry, and confident that I will succeed and go far!”

-Mary E. Southard

Tracy Shryer

“During my time @ TSPA I have gained more self-confidence. The educators enjoy what they do and that comeacross in what the students are taught. There is a family “feel” when you attend this school. If you are having trouble in any area the educators are always there to help you until you get it. If I had it to do over again, I would in a second.”

-Tracy Shryer

Madison Scott

“This school helped me have a whole different take on life. The leadership and education skills they ready you with are amazing. I also love how they encourage you to keep on learning and growing your education. The educators were amazing in their knowledge of cosmetology, and I will never forget them. Also the help Mike and Linda give you. Not only with the technical part of school but the encouragement they give you. Thank you”

-Madison Scott

Macie Peters

“I remember the first time I started Cosmo school Mrs. Cooper took us all under her wing! She has a way about her to just make students feel comfortable. Really opened me up, cracked my shell (probably regrets it now). Coming to school, even though it may not seem like it, was my safe haven. After my IOA, and when I came back my attitude was completely changed. From that time forward I had one goal in mind. I was going to succeed in my career and use the school to my complete advantage. The tools and resources that are provided couldn’t be better. I managed to get to a level 3!! I’m sure everyone was surprised and I was too! There wasn’t a day since where the school staff and even the students didn’t help me get through. My gratitude can’t even express how thankful I am! I am a strong believer that everything happens for a reason. And moving to over come what I did with the people that helped me out along the way… needed to happen to be where I am today. I couldn’t feel more close and accepted by my second family!Pink Team Forever!!!”

-Macie Peters

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