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Manicuring most often is for the student who loves the art of crafting nails. Through the expression of application, we train and prepare you in spa treatments for luxury salons and spas.



Fee: $200.00

Tuition: $4,000.00

Books & Kit: $600.00

Montana Academy of Salons objective for the manicuring program is to enable students to successful pass the written and practical exam through National-Interstate Council of State Boards of Cosmetology and to prepare them for work as a nail technician once graduated. Education on business opportunities are provided to students to encourage them reach for their full potential and go beyond licensure.

The 400-hour course at our Great Falls, MT location educates students in all phases of manicuring, which meets Montana State Standards. Students must pass all practical and written tests of each phase to successful complete the course. During each phase students are presented with classroom theory lectures and coaching in practical skills in order to prepare them for licensure. If you wish to attend Montana Academy of Salons manicuring program please contact us today.

Manicuring Gainful Employment

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