Microdermabrasion | Montana Academy of Salons


This endorsement is a 50-hour course for Licensed Estheticians and Licensed Cosmetologists practicing skin care in salons and spas. This endorsement allows additional services to compliment your skin care.


Fee: $200.00

Tuition $1,100.00

Books & Kit: $60.00

Montana Academy of Salons uses the following curriculum to support the system of learning: Milady’s Aesthetician Series Book. Microdermabrasion is a continuing education course that is offered to graduates of Montana Academy’s Cosmetology or Esthetics Courses, and to licensed cosmetologists and estheticians. The Microdermabrasion course does not lead to licensure, however, it does lead to an endorsement on your current practitioner license.


Estheticians and Cosmetologists typically work full time, with many working evenings and weekends. Long hours are common, especially for self-employed workers.

*** To obtain an endorsement, licensees shall complete an additional 50 hours of continuing education in the field of microdermabrasion as follows **

Montana Academy of Salons offers a 50-hour training course in microdermabrasion that meets and exceeds Montana State standards of which at least 25 hours is in theory as follows and taught in English.


25 Histology of the skin; bacteriology; guest consultation and protection; guest pre-care and post-care; product knowledge; theory of technical application of microdermabrasion; sanitation and safety; disposal of waste products;
25 Practical application and observation
Licensees shall submit to the board a notarized copy of a certificate of completion of training for each machine or device to be used by the licensee

Total 50 Course complete when student reaches 50 hours
Licensees seeking to offer mechanical exfoliation or microdermabrasion services shall obtain an endorsement by the board prior to practicing

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